Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Gabrielle & Justin are Engaged!

This might have been my most exciting session yet!
About a week ago, I had been looking on another photographer's blog and saw that she had photographed a proposal....not 2 minutes later, I get a message from Justin on Facebook. He was wanting to propose to his girlfriend, Gabrielle, and wanted to know if I could document this big step in their lives.
He wrote, "I was gonna wait until June, but the wait is killing me."
So, over the course of the week, we planned how we would get Gabrielle there.
I sent out a fake message to several of our Murfreesboro friends saying I needed to get some new pictures for my website and to message me if they were available. I also sent a message to everyone else, except Gabrielle, saying that not to respond to the fake message.
Justin and Gabrielle volunteered and we planned to get a few shots after worship service Sunday morning.
We both ran out to the parking lot in between Bible study and worship and he gave me the ring.
When we both got back inside (from different doors and at different times, of course!), I suggested we head to the Greenway.

When we arrived, I suggested a pretty spot by the waterfall (that Justin had scoped out the day before).

They were naturals in front of the camera!

I had told Justin that I would do some of them together, then I would do a few of them separately. Gabrielle wrote later in a note on Facebook about how the thing that threw her off the most was how I was acting-telling them where to go and such-like a regular photo shoot. YESS!! I am a good actress!! :)

So, here's Justin-he doesn't even look nervous!

Then, I turned Gabrielle facing the other way so that Justin and Wesley could do a ring hand-off.
This was my favorite part. Justin just walked back over to Gabrielle and kept the ring behind his back. She had NO CLUE!!

Still, no idea!!

Justin got down on one knee and said the sweetest things to Gabrielle.
I don't have any idea what he said (I couldn't hear him because of the water and he was talking quietly), but I know it was sweet by the look on her face.

A little bit of excitement!

Congratulations, Gabrielle & Justin! We are so excited for you!
Check out your slideshow HERE.
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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. I am practically in tears. You did such a wonderful job and it means the world to us. They look great!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!! The pictures are incredible. I LOVE the slideshow with music. Thank you, thank you, thank you....... THANK YOU!!!


~ashley stubblefield said...

These pictures are amazing! I love how you told the story with them...very romantic. Great job!