Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cleveland Spring Formal

About 2 weeks ago, Wesley & I had the wonderful opportunity of helping with the Spring Formal in Cleveland. The funny thing is, we had been planning to help with this one and had been communicating back and forth over the plans, etc. when we found out about the Elizabethton Spring Formal-thankfully it was the week before. So, we had 2 Spring Formals in 2 weeks! That WORE us OUT! :) I decided I am least I feel old!
But, we had such a great time.
Here is the "sneak peek" for the Cleveland Spring Formal. I am so appreciative for the patience of those who have been waiting for this post. We had 2 hard drives crash the week after, so that slowed me down on the post-processing. Thankfully, all of my images are safe....but more on that later. For now, here's a recap of our fun "Night at the Museum."

The East Side congregation has been putting on this great prom alternative-THE Prom Alternative-for youth in the Cleveland area for four years now. The night is planned by the East Side folks and is funded completely by donations of area church members. The response was so great this year that ALL Seniors were able to go FREE and there's another little surprise coming for all of the attendees.
Spring Formal was held at the Museum Center at 5ive Points in Cleveland.
The food was catered by Creme de la Creme Catering (the great Victoria King from East Side and her sister, Amanda).

After dinner was an "It's Magic" show by Larry Mason. He is from Cleveland and he was great!

After the magic show, our dear friend Andy Sneed had a real treat for us. Andy worked tirelessly on an amazing American Idol show! Members from East Side, Union Grove, and Central all got together and taped some "Good" and "Bad" American Idol auditions. Andy had the whole show ready on dvd and had the auditions with input from real American Idol judges. I don't know when I have laughed that hard!
There were even a few parents of attendees who made a surprise appearance.
Once we had watched the dvd, the American Idol judges arrived to participate in the Cleveland Idol.

Of course I HAD to put this picture on the blog-do you recognize that sweet baby on the laptop?! That's my Maggie!

Paula really got into the performances.

The Spring Formal attendees selected Melissa Kyle as the 1st Cleveland Idol.
She won a glamorous prize of a stick of gum.
Be sure to check out the slideshow below for pictures of Melissa, Jana (Maggie's mommy), and Tommy (Brittany's husband) performing.

Everyone changed clothes and got ready for some more fun times.

There were all sorts of games including:
~Food relay race-they all divided into 4 teams and each person had to run across the room, grab a paper sack and eat whatever was inside.
Anything from pretzels to Fruit by the Foot to baby food prunes. Yum.....
~Another relay race-still divided into 4 teams, they had to run across the room, pick a card and do whatever was on the card.
~There were more, but those were my favorite two!~

This was hilarious.
This guy got the card pictured above and when he was about halfway through we realized he was screaming, "I LOVE Leonard Dicaprio."
That would be one reason I feel old-kids these days don't know who Leonardo is????!!!!!

Britt and I at the end of a long, but FUN, night! :)
I really appreciate all of Brittany and Wesley's help. I was worn out by the end of the night and my wrist was bothering me so badly-Wesley just took the camera and took over for awhile-and he got some GREAT shots!

I hope you all enjoy the SLIDESHOW of my favorites.
Check back tomorrow for a link for all of the images- I will post it in this post.
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