Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Brittney & Tyler's Spring Engagement Session

Brittney & Tyler's wedding is quickly approaching as we try to get in our "Four Seasons" Engagement Sessions! We met them in Chattanooga on a Friday evening for a fun spring excursion.

The FISH wall! I LOVE the FISH wall!

Yummy light

Brittney & Tyler had quite an entourage.
That's Andy & Emily & Wesley in the middle.
Yes, Andy is carrying both girls' purses. He is a good husband & brother-in-law. :)

We've had some sort of bridge shot from each session.
I told them I really set myself up when I got the first one during their fall session!

These are the sad faces when we saw that the carousel was closed.
Complete sadness.
We went on and got some shots in front of the fountain at Coolidge Park (check the slideshow below).

We got a few casual portraits this time of both of them.

Aren't these two beautiful?!
I can't wait until their wedding!

Just as the day was fading, we found these beautiful, BEAUTIFUL flowers on the riverbank.
I told Wesley I risked life and limb for these shots.......he thinks I am exaggerating.....
I was standing on this steep hill, climbing over sliding rocks only inches (okay, maybe yards) from the treacherous water. I told Brittney and Tyler that if I fell, they were to grab my camera and maybe the guys fishing in the water would rescue me.
Finally, Tyler said I needed to be more careful and stop moving around. So, I listened.
Aren't these flowers totally WORTH risking my life for?
If this doesn't say SPRING, I don't know what does.....

Much to my delight, we found this ivy archway on the way to eat supper in the Art District.

Brittney & Tyler, thanks for always being so much fun! I can't wait until the wedding!
Enjoy your slideshow.
And, if you want to take a trip down memory lane....
B&T's Fall Session
B&T's Winter Session

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Julie said...

I LOVE THESE...they are AWESOME!! I can't wait to see the shots you get at their wedding! Great job!!