Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wesley's Mamaw and Our 3rd Anniversary

The picture above is from our wedding day-3 years ago today.
I am so thankful for this picture because it's the only one we have of us with Wesley's whole family at the time. Since this picture was taken, we have lost two special loved ones.
Most recently was Wesley's Mamaw, Pauline Hardwick, who passed away on Saturday.

I wanted to share a few pictures of Mamaw.

Here is Mark & Wesley with her.
Wesley & Mamaw at her 90th birthday party.
This is my favorite picture. I love how Maggie and Mamaw are staring so intently at each other.
Mark Grissom, the funeral director, put this as the last picture on the slideshow at the funeral home. I think it was absolutely perfect.
Mamaw was one month short of her 93rd birthday, June 20th (also mine).


Today is our 3rd Anniversary. I was reading my post from last year about our 2nd Anniversary earlier this morning. I laughed out loud because last year I said it seemed like only yesterday was our wedding day. Monday I told Wesley, "I can't believe we've been married 3 years. It doesn't seem like it was yesterday but it doesn't feel like 3 years."
I guess this has just been a long year! :)
You can look at last year's post for more of our wedding pictures, but this is my favorite of the two of us.

A lot of exciting things happened over this past year of our marriage-so here are a few highlights.

Our sweet niece Maggie was born!

We love being Uncle Wesley & Aunt Denise!

Wesley started pharmacy school. This was from his White Coat Ceremony in August.
We survived Wesley's first year of pharmacy school!

Our first snow in Johnson City-and we BOTH got out of school!

We FINALLY sold our house in Christiana.
We bought a foreclosure and did an amazing amount of work to move in in a week!
Wesley did most of the work. I am so thankful that he has so many talents.
We're enjoying our new home!
Happy 3 Year Anniversary to US! I think it's about time for us to have our own photo session. That will take some work to convince Wesley, but maybe over the course of a year I can do it!
I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband who loves me so much. I can't wait to see what God has in store for us for our next year of marriage.

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend.
We are now at home again so off to work I go!

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Congratulations! Great stuff! Thanks for sharing!