Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Maggie is 9 Months Old Part 1

Sweet Maggie turned 9 months old on April 28th, so we did a session the weekend before.
Yes, I am that behind on editing. Things have been incredibly busy with both spring formals to edit along with school stuff and everything else we have been doing. Thankfully, there's only a 1/2 day of school left!
But, I am finally finished with Maggie's 9 month session, so here is the first installment!

Maggie played in her playroom with her mommy and daddy for awhile.

Maggie has her own remote that she loves to chew. Her mommy told her that Camden was on the phone, but she was too interested in the remote!

Fun book reading time.

LOVE this one of Maggie and her daddy!

And this one of Maggie and her mommy!

But this may be my favorite. I LOVE this baby's eyes!!

We went outside to enjoy the warm sunshine.

This was hilarious. Maggie did NOT like the grass. When Jana held her down to stand in the grass, she just held her feet up as high as she could. Then, we sat her in the grass and she held both feet up until she got tired. So, she held up one foot and then switched every few seconds.

As I was leaving, my dad sent me a text. Maggie's papa had put a bid on a cow and calf my dad had in a sale.
The text said, "Bought her for Maggie."

Later that day, we tried the wonderful red fainting couch pictures.
Unfortunately, we waited about 30 minutes longer than we should have.
Maggie was tired and not the least bit interested.
This is what happened most of the time.....

It got a little better.

Finally, Papa came and got some smiles for us.

The next day, my dad got some pictures of us with Maggie and her first Hereford cow, Tisha.
She loves Tisha. Maggie will even say, "Moo," now when we ask her what a cow says.
Yes, she is the smartest baby in the world.

Stay tuned for the second part of Maggie's 9 Month Session
a sneak peek of Gabrielle & Justin's engagement
a full post of Lindsay & Nick's wedding!

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