Tuesday, September 9, 2008

As Promised........

I promised yesterday to show you our new third shooter!
Meet Blake-Megan & Grey's nephew.
He was very interested in Brittany's camera as soon as he arrived for pictures.
As you can see, he was not a happy camper. Hey, it's a tough life being a little guy in a wedding! Especially when you want to hold flowers and no one will let you.....
So, here we are trying to take a group picture, and this is what Blake thinks about it.

I went over to Blake and asked if he wanted to take "a picture." After Blake held the button down for about 99 shots, he was a happy guy!
As you can imagine, he wouldn't be satisfied with just taking "one" picture.
This is how I spent most of Megan & Grey's wedding day!

This was Blake's shot of his sister, Bailey.
Not bad for a little guy, huh?Bailey, of course, wanted in on the action too. She and I (as in, she held the camera and I pushed the button), captured this one of her mom and dad.
Hmmm, Mark & Christina, maybe Blake should get a camera for Christmas.....
What do you think?!
Thanks for playing with me, Mr. Blake (& Bailey)!!
Thanks to Brittney for the "action" shots of Blake-obviously my camera was a little busy!

And special congratulations to our dear friends Joe, Jonie, & Camden. Baby Carter is expected to arrive Friday morning (if not earlier).
I had to post a few from their maternity/family session before that sweet boy arrives!

Fun times with Cousin Ryder in the bubble bath!
Happy Birthday to Ryder on Thursday! :)

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