Monday, September 14, 2009

A little story about Maggie's 2 Year Session....... {Cleveland, Tennessee, Lifestyle Photography}

This is a story about a little girl named Maggie. Her Aunt Nise loved her so much and she bought her this super cute pettiskirt when Maggie was a baby-only a few months old.
Nise waited and waited for Maggie to be big enough to fit in it.

Until, finally, she couldn't wait anymore. Nise and Maggie's mommy safety pinned the skirt to Maggie's pink bloomers because it still was a little too big.
Nise, Maggie, and Maggie's daddy ...oh and Funny Bunny too...went outside to play while Maggie's mommy got a special surprise ready.

Nise had a fabulous plan to have a picture of Maggie walking in the grass with her beautiful pink pettiskirt holding 2 perfect pink balloons. The only trouble was, Maggie didn't want to have the balloons tied to her wrist. Nor did she want the two perfect pink balloons clipped to her shirt. No, she wanted to HOLD the balloons.In case you didn't know, 2 year olds are independent and sometimes headstrong.

Even though Nise and Maggie's mommy tried to explain that Maggie couldn't hold the balloons, Maggie continued. Nise and Maggie's mommy tried to explain that the balloons would fly away and be gone forever.

Maggie's mommy held the balloons and tried to get Maggie to go over to the grass. But, Maggie is headstrong...and independent....and Maggie's mommy gave up. Because a crying and fussing Maggie is no fun.....

And before Nise knew what was going on, Maggie was holding the balloons......for about 2 seconds-1 for each balloon.
You should have seen the tears that came next (from Maggie, not Nise).

The rest of the story is, Maggie's daddy got 2 more balloons for Maggie but, of course, Maggie wanted NOTHING to do with THOSE balloons.
....sigh.....maybe next year.....three balloons.....

Oh, I LOVE that girl! Even if she is headstrong and independent and wants to HOLD balloons!
Mark & Jana-more pictures coming soon. LOVE you all!


waitingforryder said...

LOVE the pics, and LOVE the story along with it, and LOVE the Maggie, the Maggie's momma, and the Nise in the story, so this post sure has lots of LOVE. Love you! :)

Tina said...

great post! She's a cutie pie!