Sunday, September 20, 2009

Maggie is 2!

Yes, well, Maggie has been 2 for awhile, but we couldn't figure out a time to do her 2 year session. So, this is the "Maggie is an experienced 2 year old" session!

I had so much fun just hanging out with Mark, Jana, and Maggie and watching her play. She NEVER stopped talking or moving the entire time. I am serious.

When I showed Jana and Maggie the slideshow today, Maggie saw this one and said, "That's my dining room." :)

This one cracks me up.

I love how Maggie is now looking at Crazy Aunt Nise in our self-portraits. She put this beautiful headband on me.

A new favorite-do you think she has enough toys?

Maggie and her trusty "Assistant Bunny" or "Funny Bunny" or "Papa's Bunny."

See, another look at Crazy Aunt Nise.
Maggie, I LOVE you! I can't believe you are already 2!
Here's your slideshow.

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waitingforryder said...

Okay, so Denise, of course, I love your pictures, and I'm always having new favorites, but right now, I'm loving how you make a "messy" room just look beautiful! I know I don't tend to think my rooms are beautiful after Ryder has emptied the toy box out for the zillionth time that day/week/hour/whatever :) I think, "I need to get rid of some of these toys!" Of course, I also put every toy I have in the bathtub bc it looks like so much fun, but still fun is not beautiful. And that pic of Maggie in the messy room isn't messy at all; it's beautiful :) Wish you could turn messy into beautiful in my kitchen sink right now, but I guess I just will have to get up and do the dishes *sigh* So, here I go attempting to create beauty the hard way!