Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Marshall {Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Wedding Photography}

Brittany & I had a great time at Laura & Zac's wedding two weeks ago. Here's their final sneak peek and slideshow link at the bottom!

I had a great getting ready image here, but it would not get big like I wanted it to-I guess you will have to watch the slideshow!

Laura & Zac were awesome. Two main reasons they were awesome: 1) They were calm, cool, and collected the entire day. Nothing fazed them. They forgot the cd for the ceremony music & Laura said, "I don't care. I'm just ready to get married!" I think I was more upset about it than she was! :) I told her we should at least hum or something! 2) They gave us a TON of time for pictures of just them! We had the entire time between ceremony and reception AND we even borrowed them during the reception. It was awesome!

Beautiful bride!

Handsome groom!

A new favorite.

Poor Zac was all worried about his smile-this is a new absolute favorite! Do they look models or WHAT?! :)

Thanks to Britt for this shot.

Zac is the best uncle-he fed those kids brownies all night! I am sure their parents appreciated that. That's what uncles are for!

The favors were amazingly, delicious brownies. I can taste 'em right now!

Laura & Zac, best wishes for a long & happy marriage! Thanks for being so awesome.
Enjoy your slideshow!

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