Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ryder is 2!

It is incredibly hard for me to believe that Ryder is already 2! It seems like just the other day that Kristy was in the hospital having him and I was 5 hours away worried sick and bugging Jonie to death with phone calls asking what was happening! On Ryder's birthday, I called Kristy and she said, "Did you sleep better last night than you did 2 years ago?!" Pretty funny because that's exactly what I had been thinking about too....and yes I did! :)

On Saturday morning, I went to hang out with Cody, Kristy, and Ryder for his 2 year session. We are going to have to do a quick session sometime when Aprilia is there because she is part of the family and she wasn't there this time. It really wasn't the same without her!
Kristy has recently started a blog and I LOVE to read it. She has such a way with words and nearly every post leaves me almost in tears. I told her this and her response was, "Sorry you are so weepy." I'm not really THAT weepy-she's just that good of a writer. I asked if I could pay her to write pretty things about my children one day. One of her recent blog posts mentioned Ryder when he prays. When the family sat down for breakfast on Saturday morning, I had to get pictures of Ryder praying. It went something like this:
Cody: Ryder do you want to pray?
Ryder: No. (of course not because we wanted him to!)
Kristy: Ryder, you can pray with Daddy.
Cody: Dear God
Ryder: silence
Kristy: He likes Heavenly Father better (yes, because don't all 2 year olds prefer to start prayers that way?!)
Cody: Heavenly Father,
Ryder: Heavenly Faver,
Cody: Thank you for Mommy. Thank you for Daddy. Thank you for Nise.
Ryder repeats so nicely.....
Cody: Forgive us for our sins.
Ryder: Fank you for our sins!
I believe this was when he was thankful for sins. :)

Kristy was such a good mom and cooked a delicious breakfast of pancakes and bacon for her family. Ryder took one lick and said, "Don't like it."
So he ate cereal with a fork instead.

After breakfast, Ryder said, "I need I want BAF!"
Kristy has to be the best mom ever because she dumped every bath toy he has into the tub and said, "I know he just needs a few, but this looks like SO MUCH fun!"

Eating sunfawer seeds with Daddy.

Ryder LOVES balls. We played baseball with about 5 different ones (and none of them were baseballs).

Another thing Ryder is not fond of.....his remote control car. He really only likes it if he has the controller and if he's in someone's lap.

But he and Daddy hugged it anyway. That's love!

Cody, Kristy, and Ryder-I know you know that we love you, but we really, really do! Thank you for being such wonderful friends. I love you! Enjoy your slideshow!

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Cody said...

The pictures are awesome, and not just because they are of me. :) Thank you for them. You have come such a long way with your photography. I am proud to say I know Denise the photographer.