Monday, November 12, 2007

The Sparkman Family

The Sparkmans are family--Skip and my dad are first cousins. Donna emailed me a month or so ago asking about Christmas pictures of the grandkids. Then the parents decided to join in on the fun! It was FREEZING cold last Saturday morning when we had our session at Skip & Donna's house-at the Grandchildren's Pond. The kiddos had on warm sweaters, maybe that's why they were so tough. I wasn't so tough--I couldn't feel my fingers by the time we were through. We had a great time nonetheless and got some sweet images. Sparkmans, here's your sneak peek and slideshow link at the bottom.

Aiden (2), Lily (5), & Sam (1) have grown so much since I saw them last on the 4th of July.
Spence & Sandi were doing their best to get Aiden to smile and Lily was standing behind me doing silly things for him too!

I loved Sam's looks--he was so serious!

We headed inside to swing and get warmed up.

Sweet cousins

We were able to get some grins from Aiden--he was practicing his smile when I arrived, but with the camera appeared, he got a little nervous.

Skipper, Christy, Lily, & Sam

Some of my favorites are the ones of Lily and her daddy.

When we were finished the kids all piled in the dog bed to watch tv. Donna wanted a picture since they do this all of the time.

Sparkmans, thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your families!
Enjoy your slideshow.

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McKenzie said...

Denise you are an amazing photographer. I love looking at all your pictures. I think about you everyday. I am so grateful that Landon was blessed to have you as a teacher. You were wonderful (there are not enough words to express how wonderful). You helped making his transition and my transition into school so much easier. Keep sharing these beautiful pictures!