Thursday, November 15, 2007

Maggie & Santa

Saturday Maggie had her first pictures made with Santa! Santa was Jana's dad and he did a fabulous job!
First, Jana wanted pictures of her grandmother and Maggie. We also got some "Four Generation" pictures-they are in the slideshow (link below).Then, while we were changing Maggie's outfit, Mark and Wesley yelled for me to come see Smokey.....apparently he wanted his picture taken in the Christmas decorations.
Maggie was SO good--especially considering she had a cold! Everyone has asked if she was afraid of Santa--well, we really didn't give her the chance. We turned her around backwards and sat her down and Jack talked to her while he held her and she knew he had her.

Maggie's sporting some stylin' socks because her tights (size 0-6 months) are TOO big. Mark said they should be called "looses" instead of tights! Ha! I am still laughing at that should have seen 'em, they really are "looses!"
In the middle of our shoot, Smokey made his way back through. I love how Maggie's checking him out!

This is my favorite!! I love Maggie smiles!

Click here to see a slideshow.

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Anonymous said...

The pictures of Maggie & Santa are GREAT!!!!!! I've looked at them at least 4 times!
From Jana's mom