Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sweet Boys

Last Friday afternoon, I got to hang out with our friends Kristy and Jonie and their mom, Janet-"Granna", and their sweet babies, Camden & Ryder. When I told Kristy I could come over, she said, "This isn't why I want you to come, but bring your camera." Sure, she said she just wanted to hang out with me, but I know the truth! :) We had lots of fun time hanging out while the boys slept (at different times!). When they woke up and were in happy moods, we had some fun taking pictures.
I would pay a considerable amount of money to have a video of our photo session.
4 women (1 with a camera) doing everything in the world to make 2 baby boys smile and laugh. 4 women (1 with a camera) diving in at the 2 baby boys every time that Camden got a little too rough-loving with Ryder. I'm sure I missed a couple of good shots because I was diving in to save Ryder, but I was the closet one to them and it was an automatic reflex.
Also throw in 3 women (not the one with the camera!) singing the frog song (well, okay, I was singing), making monkey noises, saying "Here, kitty, kitty!" (because Camden thinks it's funny), and fake sneezing (also because Camden thinks it's funny). I am very sure it was one of those times that God was sitting in heaven watching us and laughing hysterically.
Needless to say, we had a good time.
It was SOOOO good to get to hang out with them.
Enjoy this peek into our day--I just wish I had taken some pictures of the crazy women who stood behind me working on getting the smiles!

Ryder has gotten sooo big and more expressive since our last session.

This is one of my favorites-Kristy is so sweet with Ryder.

Granna and her boys!

Jonie and Camden-I can't believe that he's about to turn 1 year old.

These boys are incredibly sweet together. It's so fun to see them interact. Camden will hold Ryder's hand and give him kisses-and when Ryder cries, Camden starts "talking" to him.

Pretty sure I caught this right before I started diving after them.

Camden drove this car ALL over and kept doing the "vroom, vroom" sound.
Jonie said, "How do boys automatically know to make that noise with a car?"

See more of these handsome boys in their slideshow.

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