Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mr. & Mrs. England!

Our wonderful friends Brittney & Tyler had a beautiful wedding on June 21st at East Main church of Christ in Murfreesboro. We appreciate Brittney & Tyler's friendship so much and their patience in waiting for these images since we were away for so long.
In reward for their patience, get ready for a LOT of pictures in this post!

Brittney's dress was beautiful. I loved the brooch and monogrammed B in the back.We were so excited that the girls were able to get ready at Mrs. Rita's house (I guess it's Wayne's too!) right beside the church building. They have a beautiful, old home right off the square.

The girls escorted Brittney over to the church building for Brittney & Tyler's First Look.
You can see more pictures from this moment in the sneak peak post.

They even sneaked a kiss.

Brittney looked stunning.

We went outside for a few pictures of the wedding party. This lasted about two seconds until Brittney said, "Okay, I'm done, I'm HOT!" It WAS Hot! But, we were there long enough to get a couple of great shots.

The guys looked pretty nice themselves.
Do you recognize that groomsmen on the far left?
Yep, that's Nick.

Back inside-where it was cooler.

Brittney had some FABULOUS bridesmaids. They/we wanted her to lay down on their laps, but Brittney wasn't so sure. They told her she didn't have a choice.
I'm glad they took care of that for me!

Tyler thought it looked so fun he wanted to try it.

Brittney's grandfather arrived a little while before the ceremony.
He had been in the hospital for six days and got out the afternoon before.
We were so thankful he was able to be there. This image in the slideshow makes me tear up everytime I watch it.

When picture time was over and the girls were in hiding upstairs..........
Brittney told some jokes.....

....the guys had important discussions....

...and just when Brittney thought she might be sick because she was so nervous, she managed to get blue pollen from her flowers somewhere-which caused hysterical laughter. I told her this was God's way of making sure she was not nervous.

Mr. & Mrs. England!

After we finished a few pictures, the bridal party headed outside to go to the reception.
It was raining.
Not just raining.
It was hailing.
Really hailing.So, we waited a few minutes, someone came and put Brittney, Tyler, and Emily in a car and everyone else RAN!

Everyone made it safely into the reception.

Sweet Ryder turned his whole head back to try to see Brittney.
He was amazed. It was so precious.

A beautiful bubble exit.

As soon as Brittney & Tyler left, word spread that they had a surprise waiting in the back.
About five minutes down the road, this nice groomsmen popped up, without a shirt on, and shouted "Where's the honeymoon?!"
Everyone waited for the happy couple to return and leave again!

Brittney & Tyler, I hope you enjoyed your sneak peek and SLIDESHOW.
Be sure to register HERE to view all of the images when they are available (Wednesday or Thursday).
Stay tuned for a fun sneak peek of Carson and Caylee
and hopefully soon some Jamaica pictures!

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Chad, Tina, Carson, and Caylee said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm staying tuned for my babies!!! :o)

BTW, I took Carson out to Books a Million for his reward yesterday (and to Chick Fi La for lunch). He was really upset you didn't come with us! He really wanted you to play trains with him! Maybe we can arrange a play date at BAM for train playing!