Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Erica's Married! Sneak Peek

Saturday was my friend Erica's wedding. Erica and I taught together in Murfreesboro for two years. Erica asked me to come and get some shots of her and the girls getting ready and from the balcony during the ceremony.
Here's a little peek at the beginning of the day!

Erica & her mom

This is the fabulous Beth! She is the kindergarten assistant in Murfreesboro and is also a wedding coordinator extraordinaire! She made the day go so smoothly!

More to come later!
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anna said...

love the one of Erica and Beth but what is Beth standing on...i know she's not 6 feet tall?!?!

Denise Skelton said...

Ha ha! Beth Mo IS 6 feet tall!
Not really, Erica is "perched" on a stool...

Denise Skelton said...
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