Sunday, June 8, 2008

Visiting the Andrews

Remember this little guy? Well, meet his little brother:

Last weekend, Wesley and I finally made it to Kentucky to visit Matthew, Morgan, Maddox, and new baby Lincoln. We had been trying to visit them since they moved over a year ago. Finally, everyone's schedules worked out so we could get to visit.
There was all kinds of fun, swinging, flea market shopping, animal feeding, and picture taking going on all weekend. I have SO many pictures from this weekend that I am going to have to split this into two posts. So, enjoy post #1.

Sweet brothers.

This is Meiko. He is an African Grey Parrot. He was Matthew's graduation present when he graduated from Pharmacy School. He is pretty cool. He says all kinds of things and makes all kinds of noises-he whistles the Andy Griffith theme song, makes the noises of Matthew's cell phone, and does Matthew & Morgan's voices. Of course, Wesley now wants one!

Saturday, I got to go get Lincoln out of his crib when he woke up from his nap.
I had Brandie make this little canvas when Lincoln was born.

Such a sweet boy!

Morgan is VERY talented and creative. She did Lincoln's whole room by herself. There are sweet little monkey sayings across the wall like "Five little monkeys," "Monkey Business," "Barrel of Monkeys," and she hand painted those monkeys on the walls too!

Sophie the dog loves Lincoln!

Look at that boy's legs! :)

Maddox has grown SO MUCH since we saw him last (as well he should since it's been a year!).
But he still loves his Goldfish!

We went outside and played a little. Maddox is so smart-I am sure it's because he visited my kindergarten class as a baby :) He can count to 20 (and we counted to 100 twice while we were swinging!) and he knows all of the sounds for the letters! Morgan's dad has an amazing school in Louisville that the kiddos will attend when they are old enough. We got to take a tour while we were there and now I think Morgan's dad should write a book or move his school to wherever I live. :)

Maddox and his mommy

Lincoln and his mommy

Be sure to check back tomorrow for more pictures and a slideshow!
Don't worry there are a ton of pictures of Matthew and his boys to see tomorrow and more animals!!

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Brandie said...

Love these pictures! Thanks so much for including the canvas. I thought that was a cute one, too! What a talented mama...darling nursery!