Friday, June 20, 2008

Erica & Ricky's Wedding

I am SO glad that I got Erica & Ricky's images finished. I had some serious doubts that I would get them completed before we leave....Here's a rundown of my week:
Saturday-Erica & Ricky's wedding AND Mikey's 2 Year Session
Sunday-traveled back home through Cleveland and arrived home after midnight
Monday-Epling Family session
Tuesday-packing and a meeting-left for Cleveland
Wednesday-playing with MAGGIE! and getting to see Kristy and Ryder-packing for Jamaica
Thursday-trip to Belk to get new tennis shoes because I left mine at home and need them to wear everyday for 2 weeks in Jamaica-traveled to my parents' house
Friday-go to Murfreesboro for my birthday lunch and Brittney & Tyler's rehearsal
Saturday-Brittney & Tyler's wedding, be in Cleveland at the church building at midnight to go to Jamaica for 2 weeks........
Whew.......I am pooped! :) I am glad that I got Erica & Ricky's images processed so that I can share them on the blog-I know they are anxious to see them all, so here goes....

Erica and I taught together my first two years. She had a photographer who arrived at noon, but she asked if I could come get some shots of the girls getting ready that morning and some shots from the balcony during the ceremony.

I LOVE this sweet shot of Erica & her mom before the ceremony.

Erica's parents were so sweet together-this is after they lit their family candle.

Erica & Ricky did not see each other until the ceremony. Here was Ricky's first look at his beautiful bride.

I had a great spot in the balcony....

Abigail, Erica's niece, was in a hurry to get OUT of the auditorium! Check the slideshow for more cute pictures of her!

We wanted to sneak a Northfield Elementary Family shot-this was right before. Can you tell everyone is happy for Erica?!

Our Northfield Family, past and present, minus Mrs. Toni because we couldn't find her!

Miss Mia and her mom McKenzie were there for the wedding-Erica had Mia in class this year and I had Mia's big brother Landon the year before. Super sweet family! McKenzie said Mia asked everyday all summer if it was Miss Stem's wedding yet.

Several of Erica's students came to see her get married.

I love these two of Erica with her grandmother.

Erica & Ricky, congratulations and best wishes for a happy marriage! I hope you had a great time in New York (except getting a gift from a pigeon, Erica!).
Enjoy your slideshow.
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