Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Richard and JeannaLynn are close friends of our family. They mean so much to us and have helped us in so many different ways. Richard and JeannaLynn are Dean & Martha's best friends and worked with the church at East Side several years ago.
When Wesley's Mamaw passed away, Richard and their son Brad drove to Cleveland from a wedding in Kentucky and JeannaLynn flew in from their home in Oklahoma.
Even though it was for a funeral, we were so glad to get to see them again.
While they were visiting with us, JeannaLynn was telling me about the classes she's taking to be a life coach. As part of her class, she has to make a website for herself. You know what my first thought was, "You need a picture!" As our conversation continued, we discussed the marriage enrichment ministry that Richard and JeannaLynn have with their church in Yukon. They are in the process of updating their website. So, of course, they needed pictures for that!

Dean & Martha have some beautiful places to take pictures at their home, so one HUMID morning we had a fun little session.
Richard & JeannaLynn, you mean so much to our family.
I hope these are "good enough" (HA!) for you to use. Lots of Love, Denise

JeannaLynn is not a fan of having her picture made, but she did a great job!
Isn't she beautiful?

Richard also need a headshot for speaking engagements, etc.

As I was processing these images, I told Wesley, "The pictures of them separately are good, but the ones of them together are great!"
How sweet.

A fun fact about the May family-they always match-always........I tried and Wesley will have no part in that, oh well.......

And we had to get a good one of the four friends. I love this one.

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