Monday, June 9, 2008

Visiting the Andrews Part 2

Last weekend we had a great time getting to visit with Matthew, Morgan, and the boys in Kentucky. I took so many pictures that I had to break it up into two posts!
I was taking so many pictures that Matthew said, "Denise, I have an idea for your photography-you should go to people's houses for the weekend and just take pictures of their life!" Hmmm, there's an idea. :)

Matthew & Morgan bought the cutest little house with five acres (I think)-it even has a little barn and pond.Saturday afternoon, Maddox went to help his daddy at the barn.
They put a cage in the barn for the chickens they bought at the flea market that morning (see the slideshow). Then, Maddox fed the calves Matthew's dad brought for them.
That was very enjoyable-Matthew poured the feed in the trough and Maddox said, "M'ere cows! EAT!" They would come close and take a bite, then Maddox said, "Mmm, good food." :) How sweet!
Next, he grabbed a handful of feed, threw it to the calves and they ran away.... oh well.

Then, Maddox and his daddy fed the alpacas-Bert & Ernie.

Yes, alpacas!!-Matthew now has 1 parrot, 13 chicks, 2 calves, 2 alpacas, 1 dog, 2 boys, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Earlier in the day Maddox helped Matthew water the garden, so when Morgan's sister came to plant some things, Maddox was a great helper.

You'll have to watch the slideshow to see him watering the garden (he also was kind enough to water Daddy, Wesley, Mommy and Denise!).

Now, for some playing!

I took this picture at Maddox's first birthday party......

So, I couldn't resist this one.....

Sunday, Morgan wanted to get some family pictures......but Maddox had "the birus" that the cousins had been passing around.
So we did the best we could.

And with some help from "Wesey," we got a few smiles.

Lincoln and his daddy
Baby Love
Matthew and Morgan, we loved getting to visit with you so much.
Thank you for being such great friends and for being wonderful examples to us of how to be amazing Christian parents (one day!).
We love you! Enjoy your SLIDESHOW.

And, if you want to see more of our weekend of fun,
check out my Facebook album of our visit. :)


Susan Helms said...

I was glad to see an update on Matthew and his family. I met him while he was doing his month at the pharmacy I worked at. He was a blast to be around! I am happy to see that he is doing well!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the are awesome! I have to admit, I almost teared up watching my boys and hearing the "when you're the best of friends" song. The pics were almost unreal! Thanks and you are a wonderful friend!