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Jamaica Campaign-Installment 2

Welcome to Jamaica Campaign-Installment 2
Daily Fun-Week 1 !!
**A small disclaimer-none of my Jamaica photos were taken with my good camera, I had to leave it at home. If you are a client looking for portfolio pictures, scroll down or look through previous posts to the right.**

Here's a map of Jamaica to show you where we were. We were in the parish of Portland on the right.

Here's a closer up map of Portland-the area where we worked was Hope Bay. We have worked in Hope Bay for several years. There was a Crusade (Gospel Meeting) in Hope Bay for both weeks with Bible studies being conducted each day. We also worked in Ythanside, having Bible studies daily both weeks and a Crusade the second week only. Ythanside isn't on the map because it's in the mountains and it's small. I would try to tell you where it is, but I don't know! :) I just know it took about 30 minutes to drive there from Hope Bay and it's in the mountains!!
Wesley and I worked in Ythanside both weeks. This was the beautiful view that greeted us everyday! The East Tennessee mountains have NOTHING on this!

Here is a typical Jamaican house.

This was what our drive was like everyday. They are doing construction on the roads. Apparently, in order to fix the roads, you first have to tear them up.

Each morning, we had breakfast at 7 a.m. and left the villas at 8:30 to go to the Hope Bay church building for a devotional and brief meeting before we went to work.
Dean went over who was going where, etc. each day.

Wesley did a great devo on how we are working in the Christian Battlefield (Ephesians 6).
Johnny (to the left of Wesley), Wesley, and I came just as Dean and Jenna were finishing a study with Tom (in the center). Tom's mother was baptized the first week and Tom was baptized the second week.

Oh yes! This was a fun day!
On this morning, Dave drove us to the church building. We turned in to the church building and heard "CRUNCH." Then we heard, "Splash" Dave ran over the water line.

Dave after he ran over the water line.
Please notice Johnny in the back left who is laughing very much at the American driver!!!
The water people were already coming that day to fix a leak, so they fixed the broken pipe too.

When we returned that night, this is what we saw. :)
Terra, myself, and Lindsey one morning.

This was something we saw everyday-a big truck coming down a steep hill on a small road. The trucks were carrying rocks from the rock quarry at the top of the hill to where they were doing road construction.

This is Johnny & Wesley conducting a study with a lady (that's Tom's mother in the back).
To get a study, we basically did door knocking. We walked in our area of Ythanside and invited people to the meeting and asked if they would also like to have a Bible study. The Jamaican people are very receptive and are happy to study the Bible with us, most of the time. Their culture is very different in that they basically "tell it like it is". They don't get offended if we show them something in the Bible different from what they have been taught before. Our group conducted 180 Bible studies over the course of the two weeks and we had four baptisms while we were there.
What did we teach them? Generally, we asked where they attended church and asked what things their church taught. We would address those according to what the Bible says-showing them the Scriptures and having them read it for themselves. One lady told us, "I appreciate you studying the Bible with me. No one else does this. Everything you said is from the Bible. Whatever you teach is from the Bible.”
We made sure that we covered the plan of salvation in each study. If you have any questions about this, please email me

Believe -John 8:24

Repent -Luke 13:3, Acts 2:38

Confess Christ-Matthew 10:32

Be Baptized for the remission of sins-Acts 2:38, Mark 16:16, 1 Peter 3:21

Live a Faithful Life -Rev. 2:10

This little boy was SO QUIET and he wouldn't say a thing to me.....until I brought out the M&Ms!

The Ocean. I LOVE the ocean! This was the first ocean I had ever seen (three years ago when I first went to Jamaica). It is so beautiful.

Wesley got to drive while we were in Jamaica. He was a good pot hole dodger.

See, I told you the next installment wouldn't be as long! :)
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