Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mikey is 2!!!

Wow. This little guy is now two years old!
It does not seem like it has been two years since he was born!

After Erica & Ricky's wedding, I met up with Dave, Christy, and Mikey to go play at Barfield Park. As soon as he saw the playground, Mikey started saying "Weee slide!! Weee slide!!!" Precious. He LOVED playing on the "Wee slide" with Mommy & Daddy.

I think this is my favorite picture!

I just realized that I had several more pictures of Dave & Mikey to post on my blog than of Christy & Mikey, so be sure you check out the slideshow (link at the bottom) for pictures of her too! :)

Are these bubbles or water??.....hmmmmm

Such a SWEET family! Dave and Christy (and Mikey too), thanks for being such great friends.
I hope you enjoy these photographs to commemorate Mikey's 2nd year of life! I think we did capture it....bubbles, "wee slides" and all.
Enjoy your slideshow.
And all of your images.....

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