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Jamaica Campaign-Installment 3

Welcome to Jamaica Campaign-Installment 3
If you are just joining us, be sure to check out my posts on Installment 1 and Installment 2!
**A small disclaimer-none of my Jamaica photos were taken with my good camera, I had to leave it at home. If you are a client looking for portfolio pictures, scroll down or look through previous posts to the right.**

These first two photos were from the 2006 Campaign-this is what the Hope Bay church building looked like then.

THIS is what the Hope Bay building looks like NOW!
It is SO nice. Several congregations and individuals, along with the East Side congregation, helped pay for the new additions. They now have classroom spaces and a baptistry!

It was so nice to worship in this building with this congregation. I wished that the first timers could have seen the building before to really appreciate what it is like now.

Dean & Bro. Kelly talking after services one night. The baptistry is behind that red curtain in the corner.Here are Dean & Bro. Fitzroy. Fitzroy was baptized during my first campaign in 2004. He is now a student at the Jamaica School of Preaching.

This is Kareem and myself. Kareem is Bro. Kelly's youngest son and is the cutest kid! He has grown SO much since I saw him last.

Dave, myself, and Lindsey after services one night.

My "East Tennessee Dad" and I.

The second baptism of the campaign.
Ms. Jackson was baptized during the first week.
Here is Bro. Johnny Grant baptizing Mrs. Jackson for the remission of her sins in order to become a Christian (Mark 16:16, Acts 2:38, 1 Peter 3:21, Acts 22:16).

Terra and Ms. Jackson's granddaughter, Shaquan-she's 5 years old.

Singing after Sis. Jackson's baptism!!

Greeting our new sister

This is the Ythanside church building (30 miles up the mountain from Hope Bay). We did Bible studies in Ythanside both weeks and had a Crusade (Gospel Meeting) there the 2nd week.
It used to be a Pentecostal denomination (I think) until the preacher died. They asked Bro. Kelly to preach there. He did and converted several members-about two years ago. And now we have a church of Christ in Ythanside!

The bathroom/outhouse at the Ythanside building.

My #1 Favorite Picture from the campaign.
Lindsey & little Shaquan

Sunday morning worship services at Ythanside.

This was the congregation on Sunday morning at Ythanside (everyone except me-I was taking the picture!).

The Girls!
Lyndsay 2, myself, and Lindsey 1 with the sweet little girls that became our best buds!
Adaajah (6), Shaquan (5) and Camille (7)

My #2 Favorite Picture from the campaign.
How SWEET are those girls?!

Services one night during the Crusade-Derrick is preaching.

Thanks to Lindsey for this shot of Shaquan and I. She wanted to take a picture every night!
My #3 Favorite Picture of the trip......
Sweet Camille was sitting next to me Friday night. She asked me as soon as the sermon started for a piece of paper. I told her no because the girls had had some trouble with playing, writing, etc. during the sermon earlier in the week. As I started taking notes and following along during the sermon, Camille would look at my Bible and try to find the same scripture in hers. I leaned over and whispered to her, "If I give you paper, will you write what I write." She said, "Yes!" with a big smile. So, I gave her a piece of paper and that 7 year old little girl took notes for the entire hour long sermon. She would look at my notes, copy what I wrote and follow along in her Bible. She would circle the verses we were looking at. SUCH a GOOD GIRL! I was SO PROUD. I gave her some "sweetie" (M&Ms) and we bragged on her for a long time.
Here we are with our notes. :) This was such a great lesson for me to be reminded what our children are capable of. I know few parents in the U.S. who would expect their children to pay attention and follow along during a sermon, but they are fully capable of it (especially since we don't have hour long sermons here)!

I hope you enjoyed the 3rd Installment of the Jamaica Campaign.
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