Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Beautiful Day...........Part 2

Ryan & Lindsey were wed on a beautiful and unseasonably warm, well, fairly warm (except when the wind was blowing), day after Thanksgiving. They were originally going to get married in March 2009, but decided they just couldn't wait that long. Lindsey and her family sped up the plans and it turned out SO beautifully!
I told you in my last post that I had 37ish images I wanted to post on here. Obviously, I had to cut that down, so be sure to check out the slideshow link at the bottom of this post.

Not too long after I arrived at Lindsey's parents' house, I found her nephew, Jamison, getting a bath in the kitchen sink!

One of my favorite wedding pictures from our wedding is Lindsey doing my make-up. Just thought I'd share. :)

Brittany got there in time to catch me helping Lindsey with her nails-I am not as fabulous as she is with nails, but what can I say,
A photographer's gotta do, what a photographer's gotta do! Or FRIEND for that matter!

One of my favorites.

This is my very favorite getting ready picture yet. I love how excited everyone is!

Britt found Ryan playing "Here Comes the Bride."
Thankfully, Ryan & Lindsey decided to see each other before the ceremony. This worked out SO well. We had almost an hour of time just for them. I just realized I didn't post one of Ryan when he saw his bride, I guess you will have to see the slideshow for that one!

I LOVED the colors.

Another favorite.
Thanks to Brittany for this one.

Just before it was time for Ryan & Lindsey to see each other, it was discovered that the boutonnieres were missing. Ryan's aunt whipped up all of these in a few seconds flat!
(The originals were later found at the church building........)

Ryan & his guys having fun on a tractor.

Ryan & Lindsey had a private family ceremony (more pics on the slideshow).
I love this moment just after they walked down the aisle as husband & wife.

Lindsey's grandparents were unable to attend the ceremony or reception because her grandfather is undergoing chemotherapy treatments. We ran over to their house for Ryan & Lindsey to see them. Very sweet & touching moments. I am so thankful that Lindsey allowed me to join them.

After the ceremony, more pictures, and the trip to the grandparents', we headed back to Lindsey's family's home for the reception where many friends & family gathered to congratulate the happy couple.
There was a huge, beautiful, white tent set up in her family's yard. It was even heated and stayed super warm!

Lindsey's sister inserted secret notes into all of the invitations asking guests to bring a Christmas ornament for Ryan & Lindsey's first tree.
So fun!
Their families worked together and created a video of childhood pictures of Ryan & Lindsey-as Steven, Lindsey's brother, said, "You know, it's all of those great blackmail pictures!"
I don't know that I have ever seen a more appreciative couple. Ryan & Lindsey expressed their thanks many times to those who helped make the day go so smoothly, to their families, their friends, and the wedding party. It is just a wonderful example of the type of people they are.
I am thankful to call them my friends.

Ryan & Lindsey, words cannot express how grateful I am for the opportunity to spend your special day with you. I hope you enjoy the images of your beautiful day. I wish I could have posted every single one on my blog, but it might crash from overload and that would be sad.
We love you both so much and are so thankful that you are happy and married.
May you have many wonderful years of marriage together.
With tears in my eyes and much love in my heart,
Denise & Wesley
& Brittany too

Please enjoy The Wedding Slideshow of Mr. & Mrs. Miller.
The full gallery will be released sometime in the next few days. Click HERE.

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