Sunday, December 7, 2008

Snow Sessions!

Saturday, I had two back-to-back sessions with two families who are very good friends. All of the kiddos in this post are in the same classes together at school and are very good friends!
My regular blog readers know Tina and her family from seeing them on my blog so much! :)
Tina is anxiously staying up way past her bedtime for this sneak peek, so I'll keep the talk short.
More details to come in their full post, but let me just say that we had to reschedule this session once because Miss Caylee was sick and almost rescheduled this one because Carson & Caylee both had walking pneumonia. So, what do good parents and good photographers do in that situation? Hmmm, have a photo session anyway! :) Poor Carson was feeling so badly, that I am going back this Thursday to finish the shoot, but I was SO GLAD we got to take some shots in this PERFECT SNOW!

This is MY FAVORITE!!!!!

This girl is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!

After I left Tina's, I headed over to meet her friend Leslie and her family.
Again, SO thankful for the snow!!

This girl is a DOLL!!

Brylee was determined to follow me in the snow. :)

Tina & Leslie, more of your beautiful families to come soon!!

PS-Tina, I know that was longer than the 5 minute promise I texted you about 20 minutes ago, but wasn't it SO worth it?! :)



Chad, Tina, Carson, and Caylee said...

I would scream, but my family is asleep! I LOVE THEM!!!! I am hungry for more (but no pressure! go to bed. you have a class full of kindergarteners waiting on you tomorrow!

Denise Skelton said...

Nah, go ahead and SCREAM! Your sick family won't mind, I'm sure. :)

Leslie Davis Reynolds said...

Denise, I am so excited. They are beautiful!!!!!!!! You are so amazingly talented and I feel blessed that we were able to meet you! I can't wait to see the others you have in store for us. You were able to capture the most special moments and we appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts.