Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Sneed Family

I had a great time hanging out with Andy, Emily, & Owen while we were in Cleveland! I cannot believe how big Owen has gotten. You have to look at his newborn session to really appreciate it!

When I arrived, Owen had a delicious snack (check out the slideshow!) and then a bath in the kitchen sink. I think he liked it! :)
This isn't your normal baby shot-check out his newborn session above and you'll understand.
Actually, you really need to know Andy Sneed to understand, but maybe that will explain some of it! Ha!

I still am in love with Owen's room!

Then we went outside to play.

Hmm, a self-portrait with 4 people is tricky. Maybe I need a wider angle lens!
Friends, we love you! Enjoy your slideshow!

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ajgregory said...

Beautiful, as always!