Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Hull Family

Last week I had the great opportunity to hang out with my friend Sally and her family. Sally's husband, Dan, is in the military and will be going to Iraq soon. They wanted to be sure and do their session before he left.
We had a great time playing outside then went inside for some family reading time.

Fun bicycle riding time!

The kids have an awesome treehouse that their dad made for them. They also love to go back in the woods and find hidden treasures.
They were excited to show me a record they had found and pieced back together.

The treehouse is complete with a bucket pulley. Great for moving Barbies up and down!!

An "Old-Timey" bottle found in the woods (I am told that everything found in the woods is "Old-Timey"!)

I LOVE the grin in this one!

A new favorite family image.
Reading their favorite book.
Kisses from Daddy.

Something tells me that Roan the Cat might be a tad bit spoiled! :)

Sally and Dan, thanks so much for inviting me to spend time with your family! And thank you for your family's service to our country!
Enjoy your slideshow!

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The Hulls said...

What great pictures! You were able to capture our family in our regular routines. Elly says, "She was AWESOME!" Keadin says, "It was very easy to be normal, doing what you regularly do. A regular photographer would make you stand still." Marilee says, "I got to go to the park!"