Monday, June 29, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Holmes Part 3

I am getting more pictures from Ben and Kate's wedding up today so they can see them with their families. :) I wanted to space it out over the week, but I am anxious for them to see all of the images. So, here we go-Part 3.

The creek beside Ben's family home was so beautiful!! It was the perfect spot for pictures. Thankfully the trees shaded us a bit from the HOT sun. I know I have said it was hot, but it was H-O-T! The heat index was in the high 90s that day. Every time we stopped to switch people in or out of the pictures, the bridesmaids or Kate's dad were fanning Kate and bringing her water. How sweet! There are pictures of that in the slideshow coming up!

These beautiful fans were very handy on the HOT, HOT day! I love the flower girl fanning herself too. So cute!

The neighbors had this awesome treehouse! Brittany spotted it and said, "We have to do the guys there!"

See why I was so in love with the flowers. LOVED them!

I love this one Britt got of the sweet flower girl.

Awesome wedding party!
I hope you enjoyed the 3rd installment of Mr. & Mrs. Holmes!
More coming soon!

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