Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Holmes Part 2

Hmm, I didn't make you wait very long for the next post did I?! A little birdie told me that Kate and Ben will be at Kate's parents' house tomorrow night, so I felt like we needed to get this show on the road!

Kate and Ben's wedding ceremony was so beautiful!
Here are the lovely ladies before they headed down the aisle.
I looked back from the tent where the wedding party was waiting and saw Kate's dad, Barclay, peeking out from the window.

This was the funniest moment! The flower girl looked in front of her, looked at the boys back over her shoulder and TOOK OFF! She wasn't going to let them beat her down the aisle!

I LOVE this image Brittany got of Ben as he saw his beautiful bride.

As I said in a previous post, there were so many personal touches throughout the day. The ceremony was no exeption. Kate's dad led the first prayer during the ceremony. At the reception, Brittany told Barclay that his prayer was wonderful and he said, "I hope so, I don't remember what I even said!" But it was the sweetest prayer-I teared up during it.

This spot by the beautiful creek and the awesome tree was the PERFECT location for the ceremony.

I loved watching Kate and Ben during the ceremony.

Ben wore his grandfather's cuff links.

Kate would look up at Ben with the sweetest look-I think they are in love. :)

In addition to Kate's dad leading the first prayer, Ben's dad-the best man-read a Scripture and led everyone in singing "Blest Be the Tie" (one of my favorite hymns).

SO excited to be husband and wife!

Congratualtions, Mr. and Mrs. Holmes!
Wedding Party, Reception, and Details to come-stay tuned!

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