Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Holmes Part 1

Kate & Ben were married at Ben's family home in Maryville, Tennessee, on June 20th. I thought it was a great day for a wedding since it was my birthday! :) At the wedding, I found out that it was also Kate's grandmother's birthday. How fun!!
Okay, enough about birthdays-on with the blog post!

I have decided that I had so many favorites that there is no way to share them all in one post. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to enjoy several blog posts of Kate & Ben's big day!

When we arrived, the girls were getting ready upstairs and Ben was banished to the bedroom above the garage! :)
I love this image of Kate & her sister, Rachael, putting on their make-up.

Kate's beautiful wedding gown hanging on the front porch.I was in love with the bouquets! Many friends and family members put their special touches on Kate and Ben's wedding day. The flowers were all done by friends. There were so many sweet details at their wedding that I decided to do a whole post just on details. Stay tuned.

I loved the images of Kate getting ready. Here, her mom and sister help her get into her dress.

I love this image that Amanda captured while Kate was getting ready.

Since Kate and Ben did not see each other before the ceremony, we did the girls' pictures outside first, then the guys. When we got back inside after finishing the guys, I found Kate and bridesmaids playing cards! I sent Amanda back to capture that!

After relaxing, playing, and cooling off (it was HOT!), the girls got their dresses back on and got ready for a wedding! What do you need for an outdoor wedding? Something old, new, borrowed, and blue.......and bug spray!
Brittany got this one of Ben getting ready. :)
And another favorite by Britt of Ben reading his special wedding day note.There are MANY more images to come! I might even do another blog post tonight.....we will see.

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