Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Richey

Brittany & I had a great time at Gabrielle & Justin's wedding!

Justin & Gabrielle are so sweet-they signed the note on every program. Such a wonderful and sweet touch.
Gabrielle's dress was beautiful.

I love all of the girls looking at Gabrielle after she got dressed. There are some great images of Gabrielle's mom helping her get ready in the slideshow link below.

Gabrielle & Justin weren't going to see each other before the wedding, but there was a good chance of rain after the wedding. We were SO glad they decided to do their First Look before so we were able to do their portraits outside. I am pretty sure they were thankful too! :)

Gabrielle's mom was so sweet-right before the bridal party went down the aisle she had her look out at all of the guests. She told her that she needed to see how many people loved them and wanted to be there for them.

The flower girl was awesome! She knew exactly what to do.

Gabrielle's dad did the ceremony-he wasn't too excited about them kissing! Justin was ready to get that show on the road.

I think they were excited!

My favorite picture of us on our wedding day is right after we walked back down the aisle-so I always try to get one of our couples.
We normally see people taking pictures at weddings-but this is the first time we have seen a DS used for that.

It started raining when we were finishing up portraits before the wedding and POURED rain until sometime during the reception.
After Gabrielle & Justin left, this guy showed everyone what happened to his umbrella when he got out of the car.

Congratulations, guys! We love you!
Enjoy your slideshow.

The Full Gallery is available HERE - the password is their last name.

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Anonymous said...

You two were great! Justin & I love the pictures you took. Thank you so much.