Monday, June 29, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Holmes Part 4-The Happy Couple

When we talk with couples about their wedding day, the subject question always arises of if they should see each other before the wedding. I never want to force a couple into making a decision they aren't comfortable with. Afterall, it's their day and things need to happen the way they want them to. Of course, we always love it when couples do see each other before because it allows much more time to get awesome shots of THEM and keeps everyone from feeling rushed.
Kate and Ben felt very strongly about not seeing each other before their wedding. So, we did as many of the formals separately before the wedding that we could. After the ceremony, we did family groups, wedding party, and then had just started on Ben and Kate alone when someone came and said that they had to go to the reception right then because the cake was melting (I told you it was HOT!).
We had only snapped off a few of Ben and Kate at this point. I turned to Brittany on our way to the reception and said, "That's all we're going to get. We won't be able to get them back now."
Thankfully, Kate proved me wrong!! After they cut the cake, did the toasts, and hugged some guests, Kate asked if we could spend some more time on their pictures.
Happy Birthday to me! I grabbed her bouquet and off we went-30 happy, long, wonderful minutes of time with just the two of them!
I am SO thankful that we had that time with just Ben and Kate; they were happy, relaxed, and so sweet! Ben and Kate-thanks so much for allowing us the time to get some great images of you two! I hope you enjoy!

Again, the tree that I LOVE.

I love the image below that Amanda captured.

Told you we loved that treehouse! :)
When we were doing these, the neighbor who owns the treehouse came over and said her kids had been watching all of the activity from their backyard all day. She said her little girl asked, "Can I get married in our backyard?!"

Another favorite from Britt.

I saw these trees and knew we had to incorporate them into some images.

They are so cute together!

While we were photographing Ben and Kate, SEVERAL people came over (bridesmaids, friends, and family members) to bring drinks to the happy couple.
After the 3rd set of drinks arrived (all in about 10 minutes), we decided there must be a picture with all of them at the end. :)

Lots of waters and some sweet tea! There were more waters, but I think they got left on the back side of the yard. You can't say they weren't taken care of that day! :)

I still have two more posts that I would like to do of the big day, but I wanted to share the slideshow tonight since Ben and Kate are at her parents' home.
Ben and Kate-thank you again for trusting us to capture your wedding day. I had way too many favorites, so I hope you enjoy your long, long slideshow!

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